Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on the Novel 3

Before I forget, I want to update all of you on my novel.

My novel is split into two parts. Last week, I printed out the final pages of Part Two, meaning that I have completed all rudimentary work on my second/third draft (click here to see why there's confusion on which draft it is I'm working on). I have set it aside for the week, but hope to go back to it next week, when I shall be reading through all of Part Two several times. The first time, I will underline parts that may need revision. The second time, I will make revisions as I read. Then, I will read all of Part Two again, with my revisions. After that, I shall incorporate those revisions into my hard drive copy, making further changes as I see fit. Once that is done, I will print out the entire novel....and set it aside for several months, during which time I hope to write a series of short stories, poems, and various other short works.

I do not know how many revisions my novel will end up going through before it's completed, but I do know that these revisions will not be the last ones I make. I also know that, with every round of revisions, I get closer and closer to finishing the novel. When that happens, when the novel has reached a form that I feel is complete, I shall set it aside once more, come back to it, and see if I feel the same. If I do, then I shall start sharing parts of it with my readers online, and the whole of it with several people I know. Based on my filtering of my acquaintances' feedback, the final round of revisions shall begin. Once those revisions have been incorporated into the book, the search begins for an agent. And soon after, hopefully, my dreams of literary grandeur start to become reality.

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