Monday, January 18, 2010

My Updated Computer/Seattle Status

Before I get to the best movies of the decade (which I hope to post this weekend), I thought I should let everyone know what's going on in regards to my computer, this blog, and my life in Seattle.

First off, recently my parents sent my computer to me from Connecticut, as well as my printer.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that, while one of my housemates now has Internet access, he doesn't want to share his connection with anyone else, needing all of the bandwidth for himself.  Of course, I need very little, since I download almost nothing (the occasional Steam update notwithstanding).  You would think that my usage would barely cut into his speed, but whatever.  I should be getting a WiFi adapter for my computer soon, which I can use to search for a signal.  In the meantime, I'll be using library computers for Internet access.  Luckily, I found a different library near where I live with up-to-date Internet browsers (not so the library I was going to before), so now I can post AND leave comments on my blog.  Eventually, though, I hope to go in with several other people in my house to split the cost of Internet, so that I can post from home.  Unfortunately, that means I'll need to buy a router, but I believe there is a mail-in rebate that should cover most or all of its cost.

That brings me to my next point: I have no money coming in right now.  My seasonal job has ended, so, once again, I must search for a job out here in Seattle.  It is, in fact, what I should be doing right now, instead of posting this blog.  I also want to get back into teaching English to foreign students (and tutoring American students that need the help).  For that purpose, I have posted two or three fliers on campus offering my services for one-on-one lessons, and one of my housemates (who also teaches students, though usually in Spanish) has suggested posting in coffee shops, as well.  In addition, I ordered (and received) fifty business cards, so now I can pass them out not only to prospective students, but also to people in my meetup groups, hoping that one of them knows someone who is looking for someone like me to work for them.  I have also given a bunch of the cards to one of my housemates, who is Korean, and might know people looking for private English lessons.

Finally, during my down time I've been watching a lot of old movies and working on a short story--actually, more than one.  Once I finish the rough draft of the one that I'm currently working on, I hope to return to my novel (now that I have my printer, and bought some paper, editing it becomes possible).  The way I see it, I need to simultaneously job hunt and write, and in both cases, I need to put myself out there more and become more well known.  In politics, it's called "building the base."  In the arts, it's called "survival."

So, this coming weekend (the 23rd and 24th), I hope to post my best movies of the decade list on this blog, after which, my posts will have less to do with movies, and more to do with the thoughts inside of my head, my struggles within Seattle, and the people I hope to meet to make my literary dreams--and my permanent residency in Seattle--possible.


  1. If it's any consolation, I'd share my internet with you if I could. :)

    I hope you can find some foreign students to teach! That's really cool! I don't think I could do that... I'd probably get frustrated.

  2. Thanks, Melee. That's very kind of you.
    I was able to find a weak signal from my house to use for (very) limited Internet access, but I'll probably be using library computers for now for most of my Internet needs. Also, I'm hoping I don't get the frustrating kind of foreign students to teach, as I've had them before...:-(

  3. Good luck and good to have you back online! I am also looking for "freelance gigs" I'm going to try to see if I can get more pet portraits. A former client (hehe I love saying that) suggested a bunch of pet orientated places to post fliers. I'm going to try it. I don't expect much, but I don't have much to lose!

    Good luck with your job search!

  4. Have you looked into posting on Craigslist? It's really popular here in Toronto, not sure how much over there in Seattle, but it's free and worth a try.

    Best of luck. I'm sending good vibes your way.

  5. Welcome to the comments section, Grace!
    Funny enough, one of my housemates proposed the same thing, though he hasn't gotten any students for English tutoring through that site (he has, however, gotten students for Spanish). I'll see how things go with my Japanese meetup group first, but it's certainly worth a shot, and thank you for the suggestion.


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