Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Some Changes to My Blog

My poetry book

Please check out the side bar to see some of the extra features that I have added to this website, including a search option, an easier way to subscribe to my blog, and links to blogs to which I have currently subscribed.  Also, a poetry annual being released by Wild Leaf Press will include three of my poems.  The book will be available through their website starting October 15th.

Finally, if you still wish to purchase Digging Up the Past: Poetry from High School (1994-97), you can now do so directly (see sidebar, near the bottom).  Please do not send any money to my P.O. Box (previously linked), as it will soon expire.  You may want to act soon, however, as I don't plan on printing any more copies once my current batch runs out, and I have less than twenty copies left to sell.  Of course, if I get an explosion of people hitting the "to buy" button, I may reconsider. :-)


  1. You only have one blog. The entire site is your blog (or weblog). The individual entries are called posts, not blogs.

  2. Yes, and the changes are to the site. If you are referring to my mention of subscribing "to my blogs" as opposed to "blog," yes, that is a mistake, and yes, I shall change it, since we all know that the sun will not rise tomorrow if I don't. ;-P

  3. It's great seeing your poetry book for sale up on the Internets. That is some finely aged 12-to-15-year-old poetry right there. Doesn't that make you feel old? :P

  4. Thanks, Ryan. What made me feel old was giving a talk today at the high school, and one of the students in the class was born the year I was a Freshman there.


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