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じゃ、また! 返事を待ってください!;-P

Translation: Added April 4, 2010 at 18:36

Hello, everyone!
I am not a pencil.  I really love cheese.  My name is Harry Houdini.  Every day, I make okonomiyaki.  After I eat ice, I feel good.  When I went to Kyoto to go swimming, the weather outside was cold.  The inside of Mt. Fuji is filled with natto.  Honest.  My father is Hugh Jackman.  My mother is Rinko Kikuchi.  And, I am not an eraser.

My best friend's name is Baka, but he is not an idiot.  He is a fruit.  Please look at the photo of Baka below.  Isn't he a cool dude?

[caption] What is this?  Who am I?

See you!  I eagerly await your reply! ;-P


  1. For writing entirely in Japanese? Thanks. If only you knew what it meant....;-)

  2. Sooo, I plugged this into Google translator. It made a lot of sense. *coughcough*notreally*coughcough* ;)

  3. Oh, that stuff does word-by-word translation, which is the worst way to translate anything. Mark Twain, as a joke, once included "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" in its original English, then in its French translation, and then in a word-for-word translation of the French.

    Of course, I can provide you with a translation, but you must ask nicely ;-)

  4. Ugh, I know. I usually try to avoid it...
    Hehe, I love Mark Twain's sense of humour!

    Let's see... do I know how to do that? Oh what's that word my mum taught me... oh! um... please? Or even, pretty please? ;)

  5. As you wish! I've added the translation below the post proper. Aren't I silly? :-P

  6. Hehe, I had no idea you had such distinguished parents! And initially I was disappointed that you were neither a pencil nor an eraser, but I've realized that it is probably a good thing. Pencils (and erasers!) have a hard life. And Baka is as cool as you are silly. :P


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