Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seattle Grandeur

I didn't have a good day at work today.  But, as I was walking home, I turned to my right, and saw.....


Mountain Re-enactment

This is why I love Seattle.

When a bad day is had in such beautiful surroundings, it doesn't feel as bad.

Then I was almost hit by a car.

Okay, so I made that last part up, but it would have been ironic if that had happened. ;-)


  1. You have beautiful mountains to blue with, and were lucky to miss an irony, but your imagination seems in sound shape!

  2. Thanks. Imagination can make even the most mundane of experiences exciting, so I employ it whenever I can.

    Also, I saw the mountains in early evening, so they were silhouetted against the darkening sky. I didn't have a camera with me, which is why I substituted this daytime photo of the same mountain range, as seen from Pike's Place (hence the "mountain re-enactment"). :-)

  3. I love moments like that!
    It does almost seem a shame, though, that you were not hit by a car. It probably would've happened to me. Murpy's law and all that... :P

  4. You wished I HAD been hit by a car?! :-P

  5. Er... well, not exactly. It just seems fitting somehow... O:)


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